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                                       Issue #59 - December 4, 2004

Hey Jammers! This newsletter was created as a direct link to the fans. If you would like to ask a question about Pearl Jam, please direct your questions (not fan club issues) to DigitalKat@aol.com or OfTheSea@aol.com. We're off now...into the Pit!

HO HO HO, Jammers!
It's that time of year again ... we've dug out ye olde elf costumes, spiked the eggnog, put a log on the fire and now it's time to spread some holiday cheer!

The Ten Club will be releasing a very special limited edition CD featuring Ed singing with the Walmer High School choir from South Africa. The CD will have a number of tracks of the choir and a few tracks with Ed and the choir together. We have a terrific article for you in the News section on pearljam.com for background on the project. "The Molo Sessions" cd will be available Dec. 15th at pearljam.com and sales will benefit Molo Care, a Seattle non-profit that raises money for schools in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Next year is going to be a wonderful year jam packed with Pearl Jam goodies to fill everyone's wishlist. Pearl Jam have been busy working on their next studio album to be released on the BMG label, and tour plans are in the works. Although it's still too early to give specifics, European fans can do some early rejoicing.  :)

It's looking like the annual holiday fan club single will start shipping on December 20th. To be eligible for the single you'll have to be a member as of Dec. 15. You don't want to miss out so be sure your address is current; you can send those changes to address@tenclub.net. If the anticipation is simply too much to bear, scroll down to the Ten Club Q & A section to see what this year's holiday single is going to be.

PEARL Rumor: Eddie contributed 2 ukulele songs to the surf film DVD "A Broke Down Melody" .... is this true?
    JAM Fact: Maybe one song.

PEARL Rumor: Pearl Jam will sign with Warner Bros?
    JAM Fact: False.

Q: Is there any chance that PJ will make the VFC tour available on iTunes? I know you said in the last Rumor Pit that there wouldn't be an official Pearl Jam release of the VFC shows however, will the organizers of the event be releasing anything on cd or dvd?
     A: No.

Q: Will Boom Gaspar be playing on the next studio album?  Cause he played great in Riot Act.
    A: Not sure yet, but we love him.

Q: Is Boom officially part of the band?
    A: No.

Q: Wasn't Pearl Jam contracted to only do 7 albums with Sony?  Why did they
release Lost Dogs and Rearviewmirror?
    A: The deal was for 7 studio albums plus a Greatest Hits and B-sides.

Q: When are the guys going to create a "celebrity playlist" for iTunes on the Apple website?  I'd be curious to know what else they listen to besides Neil Young and The Ramones.
    A: We’re working on it.

Q: Any chance of PJ ever visiting South Africa? How soon?
    A: Yes, but we don’t know when yet.

Q: Before the "pearljam.com" web site went down a few weeks back there was a
guitar solo Mike McCready had done in thanks for support made to a Crohns' benefit.  It was a link to either a .wav or .mpeg file.  Is that still online somewhere? Can it be put up again? 
    A: Sorry, that’s gone for now, but if you keep supporting, he’ll have to do another one.


Q: From Pit 58: "When can we expect another cool newsletter from the fan club?
Answer was "Roc-tober." When will that Newsletter go out? What happened?
    A: We were working on a Vote for Change newsletter, and we weren’t able to get it out before the election.  Now it seems a little obsolete, so we’re working on a new one to come out after the first of the year.

Q: Which concert of the bootleg series has been the most demanded by PJ fans on Ten Club?
    A: Seattle 2, Las Vegas 10 Year Anniversary, Perth, Katowice, and Verona are all at the top of the list.

Q: What is the grace period to renew fan club membership if it expired while the Ten Club store was down? 
    A: We’re extending it back to August 1.

Q: Any changes to fan club ticketing for the next tour?
    A: There will be some changes.

Q: Will people still be able to choose multiple shows?
    A: We hope so.

Q: Will it still be seating by seniority?
    A: Yes.

Q: What kind of cool, new merchandise will be available in Goods at the pearljam.com store?        
    A: We’ve got a new 10c shirt that’s inspired by one of the oldest PJ shirts. (no, it’s not the stickman!) And there’s a new poster taken at the Fleet Center during rehearsal before the last tour.

Q: I'm in Nottingham in the UK and I was wondering if it's possible for Ten Club to offer 'Live on Two Legs' on vinyl?
    A: Send us an email.  We’ll see if we can dig one up for you.

~Look out, holiday single spoiler below!
~Turn back....
~Seriously, last chance....

Q: Can we get a wee hint as to what's on the holiday single?
    A: What the heck, we’ll tell you what’s on it.  “Someday at Christmas” a classic Motown holiday song, written by Stevie Wonder and made popular by the Jackson Five.  Also, there’s a new version of “Betterman” that Ed did with the Walmer High School choir from South Africa.

The Ten Club: Please send your questions about fan club issues to the Ten Club only at info@tenclub.net. You'll find Ten Club updates on the official Ten Club website at http://www.tenclub.net/. We just have to forward the fan club mail if it's sent to us and that's a slight delay. Thanks!
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We're wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. :::Clink::: Cheers!
Peace and much love,
Sea and Kat

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