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                                         Issue #60  - August 11, 2005
Hey Jammers! This newsletter was created as a direct link to the fans. If you would like to ask a question about Pearl Jam, please direct your questions (not fan club issues) to DigitalKat@aol.com or OfTheSea@aol.com. We're off now...into the Pit! 
The Seventh Sense
In an eerie whisper, "We see rockin' people..." They're partying in the venue parking lots, dancing in the Ten Club will-call line, and jammin' out at the shows. What shows? The Gorge show, the Missoula benefit, the Canadian tour, opening for the Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh, the shows in Atlantic City at the Borgata and the Philly show are all just around the corner. So while we all eagerly await the new studio album news and the tour news that will follow (bootleg news is almost ready!), we're passing along some wee reminders along with a few answers to some questions we've been receiving.
Other Album News...
Pearl Jam's in-store performance at Easy Street Records in Seattle will be released on CD through selected independent record stores. There is no release date yet, but we'll keep you posted.
Reminder: Taping/Camera Policy for Pearl Jam concerts...
Recorders: i.e.,  small handheld recorders (cassette, micro-cassette) are ok but no professional equipment, no external mics and no dats
Cameras: disposables only, no flash, no digital photography, no video
Please see the full policy at http://www.sonymusic.com/artists/PearlJam/tour/taping.html
***Deadline For Ten Club Newsletter!...
The Ten Club is sending Newsletter #24 to the printer now. Members, please take a moment to make sure your snail mail addresses are up to date by updating your profile on www.pearljam.com. The deadline to join, renew or make address changes for that is right now...by noon Pacific time on Friday August 12th. If you are not a current member and want to join to receive this newsletter, please hurry; you can join in the Goods area on www.pearljam.com.
Rumors, Rumours, Rumors...
PEARL Rumor:  Pearl Jam will be performing a concert in Puerto Rico in December.
    JAM Fact: No.
PEARL Rumor: The new Pearl Jam album will be released October 3, 2005 per record stores in Canada, UK, and Australia. 
    JAM Fact: False.
PEARL Rumor:  Brendan O'Brien is producing Pearl Jam's new album, right? 
    JAM Fact: No, it's Pearl Jam and Adam Kasper.
PEARL Rumor: Pearl Jam will be opening for the Rolling Stones in Rio De Janeiro in January.
    JAM Fact: No, sorry.

Q: Who will be the opening band in Missoula?
    A: The Briefs.
Q: What will I need to pick up my Ten Club tickets at the will-call window for a Canadian show? My photo ID and membership number?
    A: You definitely need your photo ID. It would also help to have your member number, but it’s not required.  Remember you can find your member number in your profile at tenclub.net. We’ve pulled all of the tickets and put them in envelopes with each member’s name on it, based on seniority.
Q: Who is designing the tour posters for the upcoming shows?
    A: Brad Klausen and Amesbros.
Q: Rumor has it Brad Klausen will be designing 2 posters for the Canadian tour.  Which shows?
    A: Brad will be doing posters for Ottawa, Hamilton and the Gorge.  He’ll also be designing one for either Philly or the Borgata.
Q: Since there will be such a high demand for posters on this mini-tour will there be more available at the show? ...and will they also be sold on pearljam.com?
    A: There will be a few more at the shows and a very limited number on the website.
Q: Okay, I've been hearing all of this buzz about Vegoose, which is a Halloween concert in Vegas.  There is a lot of speculation about who is going to be performing and the blogs keep mentioning PJ. Will Pearl Jam be performing at that show?
   A: Not planning on it at this point.
Q: I was wondering if there were any plans to release Mad Season's "Live at The Moore" on DVD at all (or any other Mad Season related stuff for that matter). I had the VHS back in the day, but it got swiped.  Just curious...
  A: We’re working on that as we speak.  We hope to make something happen with that.
Q: After all these years of waiting...does that song "The Girl From Ipanema" on pearljam.com mean something?
  A: We love that song.
Q: Will Pearl Jam be doing shows in South America?
    A: We're working on it.
Q: If there are South American shows, will any int'l 10c members be able to purchase 10c tix for the shows?
    A: Yes. We’re working on the exact policy.

The Ten Club: Please send your questions about fan club issues to the Ten Club only at info@tenclub.net. We just have to forward the fan club mail if it's sent to us and that's a slight delay. Thanks!
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Peace and much love,
Sea and Kat

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