Drifting (by Vedder)

Drifting.. drifting.. drifting away..
Got myself a mansion, then I gave it away..
Its not the world thats "hevy", just the things that you
and Im drifting.. drifting away..

Drifting.. drifting.. drifting along..
Rid myself of worries.. and the worries were gone..
I only run when i want to.. and I sleep like a dog..
Im just drifting.. drifting along..

The suitcoats say "there is money to be made,"
They get so damn excited, nothing gets in their way..
My road it may be lonely just because its not paved..
Its good for drifting, drifting away..

Drifting.. drifting.. drifting, uh-huh.
I feel like going back there, but never for long..
I sometimes wonder if they know that Im gone..
Just drifting, drifting along..

drifting.. drifting along..
drifting.. drifting.. along..