God's Dice

it's out of my hands making hands meet
crumbling and stumbling reach
it's in the cards
your destiny, your sanity in tow

designate my luck

my power has no roots to guide, no role
trust me, rusted minds refuse to go
it's meaningless, unwillingness
to walk away in vain

designate my deal
designate my fill

my will is crashing, synapses flashing slow
days like frame by frame where do they go?
why fighr? forget it
can't I spend it after I go

roll them high,...
throw them again,...
all God's dice.

monkey driven, call this living, ha ha ha
too much thought, it's overwrought
minding yours what's mine not yours
will finish us

designate a life
designate a view
designate my will (my will, my will, I will)
resignate my god.

słowa: J. Ament