Last Exit

Die on a hilltop. Eyeing the crows.
Waiting for your lids to close.
But you want to watch as they peck your flesh.
Ironic that they go for the eyes first...

Let the sun shine, burn away my mask...
3 days, maybe longer...
Shed my skin at last

Let the ocean dissolve way my past...
3 days, not much longer...
Won't ever find me here

Once resigned, dictating your demise seems only fair,
Built in effect of th system... control.
If one cannot control his... life,
Will he be driven to control his death...

Let the ocean dissolve way my past.
3 days, maybe longer
Won't even know I've left

Let the sun climb, burn away my mask
3 days, maybe longer
Let my spirit pass
This is, this is, this is...... my
Last exit.